Alfred Kingsley Bannerman-Williams (Snr)

Alfred Kingsley Bannerman-Williams (Snr)



Sackodar Chambers is a law firm that embraces an internal culture of motivation, commitment, enthusiasm and reward. It was established in 1970 by Alfred Kingsley Bannerman-Williams (Snr) who is a senior lawyer and a member of the Board of Legal Education in Ghana.


All people are equal before the law. A good attorney is what makes a difference."


Intellectual Property

We help secure and protect intangible rights of commercially valuable products arising out of human intellect such as trademarks, copyrights, patent rights, trade- secret rights, publicity rights, industrial designs, franchise and licences, etc.

Banking and Finance

We provide legal services to companies, businesses and individuals on the businesses undertaken by banks including though not limited to mortgages, loans and securities, finance leasing, credit, project financing, debt recovery and debt restructuring.

Registration and Perfection of Securities

We undertake to the registration and perfection of titles relating to mortgages, finances, bonds, debentures, treasury stock, collateral trust certificate, etc

Corporate and Commercial law

We provide legal services to companies and businesses.

We undertake due diligence and extensive legal research in relation to our corporate and commercial entities. We undertake review of contracts, drafting of commercial agreements and conveyances. We also provide legal assistance in company formation, business registration and registration with Ghana Investment Promotion Centre registration.

We also draft shareholder agreements, distributorship agreements, franchise agreements and service agreements for our clients and we work with the various regulatory authorities in order to meet any necessary requirements by law.

Debt Recovery

Our services include issuing demand notices on behalf of our clients, issuing Writs to recover secured and unsecured debts through the court-based recovery system and other innovative methods.

Employment and Labour law

We handle matters regarding the relationship between employers and employees, issues dealing with employers and the labour unions, collective agreements, conditions of service, terminations and dismissals, employment related injuries, human right abuses, discrimination, employment contracts, severance pay and benefits.



Head of Operations

ALFRED KINGSLEY BANNERMAN-WILLIAMS JNR is an active legal practitioner and the Chief Operations Director of A.K Bannerman-Williams & Co. Ltd. He was enrolled as a lawyer and a member of the Ghana Bar Association on 6th October, 2000. 



ROBERT ADOTEI PAPPOE is a private legal practitioner and an Associate of A.K. Bannerman-Williams & co, Sackodar Chambers. Robert graduated from the Ghana School of Law and was enrolled as a lawyer on 5th October, 2007.

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Judge sues Anas; says video is ‘unlawful’

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